Difference Between Hens Parties and Bridal Showers in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

When we are discussing marriage, we always think that what to do without friends. There are always worries that we usually think before the wedding day. It is understandable that people get worried because they will spend their whole life with their husband. Sometimes, it is also about how they will get engaged so much in-house and the husband. Thus, it is important for everyone that cares about their best friend to arrange hens parties. What is that? It is another name of bachelorette parties that you can hold for your best friend who is getting married. It could be all about ladies nights and parties. You could do anything as long as it is fun. You can go shopping like crazy, get gone mad with drinks and more. It’s like everything you can do in hens parties. Best friends should go crazy. However, when we are talking about it, don’t get mistaken for bridal shower. It is so different because it has different culture. You may think that bridal shower is same as hens parties, but you could get the same essence. People think that both bridal shower and hens parties are for like appreciating friendship between the bride. The origin is different. Basically, you can have two parties with different concept for the bride. Understand the difference first.

Both events have different origin

Most people believe that bridal shower is originated from Asian country while bridal is from European country. Basically, those parties are same as it is all about to appreciate and tighten the bond between the bride and also their best friends. The bridal shower might not be identical with “party” like in hens party because they just have so chilling moments in bridal shower. While in bachelorette parties, bride and friends have fun game and it is not far from “crazy” stuff. Both are good for the brides because it could gain more confidence and comfort on the wedding day.

We recommend checking out our site to get for information in hens parties in sydney. As we have said before, the origin of bridal shower and hens parties are different so it has different culture too. Although it is so different, it does not mean that you could only do one of them. You could have both of them before the wedding day because you can do anything you want before your new chapter comes. Honoring old chapter with your best friends before the wedding day must be so special.